Northern light

Effective Sales concepts

Northern Light

A little hstory...

The Valkyrie are mounted upon horses and armed with helmets and spears. Odin, who is eager to collect heroes in his Valhalla to help him against the giants when the final contest comes, sends them down to every battlefield to select those who shall fall during battle. 

The Valkyries are his messengers and when they ride forth on their errand, their armor sheds a strange flickering light, which flashes up over the northern skies, making what men call the “Aurora Borealis,” or “Northern Light”.

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We do not sell 'hot air' for big bucks!

Networking, channel finding, opportunity searching, market-product combinations, second use for products, product upgrades... 

Making products and markets match!


We rather turn down an order then fail!

Before we accept any order we analyze the opportunities and risks. 

If we think we cannot play a significant role for you, we will tell you and probably point you to alternative companies for your requirements.


Key markets

  • Market studies, prospect finding.
  • Energy systems, green energy, batteries, hydrogen generation.
  • Internet marketing, web shop
  • Design and development of electronics and user interfaces
  • Selection and management of retail channels for technical products

Clients are Satisfied

"I surely appreciated the professionalism and kindness of your staff in trying to assist us." Beverly

"We found your honest opinion and thoughts very helpful and helped us to gain enough information about certain areas of the business and have given us a good insight to the possibilities." Szilvia

„A good and reliable partner.... professional team and client oriented specialists. Northern-Light has been assisting us in the process of sales channel search and further contract negotiation…We have received true and complete information about the market.” Marina, Sales Coordinator

„Since 2006, we…are getting good services from Northern-Light. We are very happy to get their services from the beginning of our business activity in Hungary.” Masuhisa, Sales Director